Vacuum Load Handling Equipment

Our vacuum load handling devices "VacuPoro" and "VacuWood" are used for the handling of porous workpieces or screeds, woods or glulam. The VacuBoy, VacuGiant and VacuCoil load handling devices are instead used for the handling of plate-shaped materials.

All plate-like materials can be transported, swivelled or turned in all directions.

more advantages:

  • rational, gentle and safe handling
  • no damage as with clamps, chains, etc.
  • fast gripping and loosening of the transported goods
  • simple handling by only 1 operator
  • easy and fast adaptation to different dimensions
  • high operational safety -> safety storage + acoustic/visual warning device
  • easy-to-use controls
  • low operating costs due to low-maintenance vacuum pumps and low-wear suction plates

Contact & Information

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