Vacuum tube lifters

The VacuPowerlift -VPL vacuum tube lifter is ideal for stacking, loading, moving and transporting heavy objects through vacuum. All this is made possible by a suction cup which, thanks to a check valve, does not immediately drop the load even in the event of a power failure, but slowly lowers the load to the ground in order to prevent injuries to the operator.

We offer you a finely tuned range of suction cups that are adapted to every application.


Der VacuQuicklift -VQL wurde für die Bewegung von Kleinlasten bis 35 kg entwickelt, bei denen kurze Taktzeiten verlangt werden.

Zum Beispiel:

  • das Kommissionieren von Kartons, Säcken, etc.,
  • das Handling von Fässern und
  • das Handling von allen dichten und teilweise porösen Materialien bis 35 kg.


VacuQuicklift -VQL was developed for the movement of small loads up to 35 kg, where short cycle times are required.

For example:

  • the picking of cartons, sacks, etc.,
  • the handling of barrels and
  • the handling of all dense and partially porous materials up to 35 kg.

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