Vacuum lifters for the glass industry

Thanks to their simple suspension device, these vacuum lifters, which are specially designed for construction site use, also offer extended use for motion sequences with movable hall cranes.


The VSG-MK series has been specially developed for construction site use to transport materials with a smooth and dense surface and is supplied with a manual turning and swivel device.


The "Squidy" handling device is suitable for versatile outdoor use due to its modular design. The suction plates can be adjusted by hand in longitudinal and transverse direction and adapted to the respective format.

Through an extension, the device can be operated with up to 10 suction plates, with a load capacity of up to 1200 kg.


The VSG-P series has been developed for the internal transport of materials with a smooth and dense surface. Their rotary and swivel devices are operated manually or pneumatically.

It supports up to 12 suction plates


The pneumatically operated VSG-PK series is characterized by adaptation to different plate sizes, both in width and length. Load capacities of up to 500 kg are possible.

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