Screw Compressors

Compact unit with a dryer

These industrial screw compressors from IKS up to 15kW are one of the more powerful types with easy maintenance. The access necessary for service can be reached through doors with safety locks. Necessary maintenance work can be carried out easily and the maintenance costs are optimized. The built-in, large-sized double cooler (oil and air) regulates the heat balance of the machine.

The refrigeration dryer integrated in the system is designed for a dew point of + 3 °C. CFC refrigerants are standard.

The compact system is also equipped with a compressed air storage tank and the required fittings.












* Nach ISO 1217:1996 / Reference ISO 1217:1996
** Nach Cagi Pneurop in 1 m Entfernung / Reference Cagi Pneurop -1 meter
Umgebungstemperatur: von +5 bis +40°C / Ambient temperature: from +5 to +40°C
Drucklufttemperatur: ca.10°C über Umgebungstemperatur / Air temperature on the outlet: approx. 10°C above ambient temperature
Versorgungsspannung: 400 V / Supply voltage: 400 V

+43 (1) 204 80 40
+43 (1) 202 57 00