The MPE series refrigeration dryers are designed for discontinuous operation in compressed air systems. The heat exchanger is kept at a constant cooling temperature by the mass storage device. This prevents the dew point from being exceeded when the compressor starts up and guarantees the set dew point in any case.


Operating Principle:

The hot and humid compressed air that enters the dryer is pre-cooled in an air to air heat exchanger. It flows through an evaporator, where its temperature drops further to the programmed dew point due to heat exchange with the cooling medium. The mass accumulatur delivers the cold temperature to the evaporator and keeps it at a constant temperature (even if no compressed air flows through the dryer). This prevents exceedances of the dew point in the event of sudden compressed air demand. The compressed air then flows into the separator, where the precipitating water is removed by a separation system. Before being fed back into the compressed air network, the amount of heat recovered is fed back into the dry air.

Intake volume (m³/h) 30 - 1020
Maximum operating pressure (bar) 16
Motor power (kW) 0,47 - 3,4
Datasheet (PDF)
Model MPE

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