Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

With these robust, compact rotary vane pumps, vacuum  pressures up to 0.5 mbar (abs) can be reached by default. In a cylindrical housing, an eccentrically mounted rotor rotates which is directly connected to the motor. This rotor is provided with grooves in which vanes slide. These slider form the individual working chambers. The individual chambers are sealed by a vacuum oil circulation lubrication. The vacuum pump oil is filtered for a long service life. Individual modifications can be ordered on request.


The design features of this series are:

  • compact dimensions
  • high reliability
  • long lifetime
  • achievable vacuum depending on machine type up to 0,1mbar (abs)
  • lifetime warranty on agreement
  • EU/PVL types in ATEX
  • versions suitable for oxygen are available


Areas of application:

  • plastics processing
  • ceramic casting – roof tiles
  • clamping devices
  • glas and stone industry
  • packaging of medical devices
  • packaging industry
  • handling technology
  • structual engineering
  • and many more

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