Oil Free Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

Oil-free vacuum pumps and compressors differ in the technical design in 2 large groups.

The rotary vane vacuum pumps and rotary vane compressors are used for lower final pressures.

Claw compressors and claw vacuum pumps achieve higher pressures in both cases, which are caused by a special form of the compressor stages.

In both types, the medium remains oil-free.


The design features of this series are:

  • compact dimensions
  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • achievable vacuum depending on the machine type up to 120mbar(abs)
  • achievable pressure depending on machine type up to 1500mbar
  • and so on


Areas of application

  • Brick industry
  • Pick & Place applications
  • Water treatment
  • Paper industry
  • and many more

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