Technical applications:

  • Industrial extraction
  • Textile industry
  • Lumber industry
  • and many more


Sound insulation hood:

According to the applicable environmental guidelines, sound insulation must be provided for installed Roots blowers.

The standard sound measurements with IKS sound insulation hoods provided sound insulation of up to a maximum of 20 dbA.

The sound cabins are equipped with removable, locked parts or with hinge doors to facilitate the service work.

When using a sound insulation hood, is the compressor unit, together with the sound insulation hood, mounted on a base frame and can be transported together by means of a forklift.


  1. Intake filter with adjustable starter valve
  2. Blower
  3. Base frame of the silencer
  4. Rubber seal
  5. Check valve
  6. Relief valve
  7. Belt guard
  8. Electric motor
  9. Flexible machine feet
  10. Joining flange
  11. Electric fan
  12. Sound insulation hood
  13. Exhaust silencer
  14. Intake silencer











Lobe pump:

Structural features:

  • Rotary pistons consisting of three massive and dynamically balanced blades.
  • These rotary pistons rotate contact-free in a cast iron housing.
  • Continuously increasing compression achieved by the design of the housing -> pulsation is kept low right at the point of origin -> the gearbox is a heat-treated and refined helical gear according to DIN-6.
  • Gears that are mounted on the drive shaft with a conical seat without the use of a feather key.
  • Lubrication done by splash lubrication.
  • A process chamber, which is sealed off from the oil boxes with a multi-part labyrinth seal, with a condensate intermediate chamber.
  • Shaft seal which seals off the drive shaft


Performance data:

Compact group RNPT: IKPG-38
Vacuum from 500 to 800 mbar rel.


Q1 – Suction temperature t1 = 20°C
Δt – Increase of temperature
P. abs – Power consumption
P. mot – Motor power
















  • Tolerance for suction power and power consumption: +/- 5%
  • Noise level outdoors at a distance of 1m. tolerance: +/- 2dB(A)

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