Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

Single- and multi-stage high Vacuum Machines

Single- or multi-stage high vacuum pumps operate on a similar principle as the oil-lubricated vacuum pumps. The rotor is equipped with grooved in which vanes, that are located in an oil bath, slide. This oil seals the distance between the vanes and the stator. This type of sealing creates a very high vacuum. In order to prevent oiling in the start-up process, a special start up procedure is provided. The vacuum pumps are equipped with high vacumm connections in accordance with client specifications. Individual modifications can be ordered on request.


The design features of this series are:

  • compact design
  • low maintenance
  • energy efficient


Areas of application:

  • laboratory applications
  • scanning electron microscope
  • blister production
  • manufacturing of lights
  • separation of gold mud
  • any many more

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